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   Excellence in Gun Dogs is achieved by careful and meticulous breeding and training.  Breeding determines health, potential, and the ability to learn while training brings it all together.

    At Gunnerbrae Kennels we accept only the highest standards in breeding and training of Gun Dogs, and so should you!

    Gunnerbrae Kennels uses the British Standard of Training at our facility.  This is a method that puts the emphasis on Positive Reinforcement.  At Gunnerbrae Kennels you will not find the use of E/Collars (Shock Collars), or the use of Force or intimidation in any way (No Force Fetch).  This is not a new training method, but a Proven Method that has produced many Field Trial Champions throughout the UK and Ireland.


    At Gunnerbrae Kennels we also give Gun Dog Demonstrations.  We have given Demonstrations for the:

    We also appear four times a year on the        Outdoors Radio Show

**** At Gunnerbrae Kennels we love all breeds of Gun Dogs, but specialize in Breeding and Training British and Irish Labs and Spaniels for British Field Trials, Rough Shooting, and Picking up on Shoots.

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