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        The Standard in Positive Training
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    Gunnerbrae Kennels is a full time
training facility, that is owned and operated by Michael and Lindsey Martin, located in Glenwood, Arkansas.  Our facility is committed to training for all breeds and their owners.  We specialize in Positive Reinforcement dog training, without the use of E-Collars, or Force Fetch.  Our priority at Gunnerbrae is training for serious duck and goose hunters, upland hunters, and obedience for non hunting clients.  With more than 15 years experience training and specializing in Gun Dogs, we will get the best out of your dog.  Here at Gunnerbrae, we realize that dogs are a major part of hunting, hunt testing, and trialing but also a major part of the family- and we are trained and treated as such.  
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Michael training at the river at Gunnerbrae kennels.

Hold and delivery training at Gunnerbrae kennels.

Lindsey working with a puppy in the puppy program at Gunnerbrae kennels.ALEX - 2015-12-06 11.39.37
training michael

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bella duck

bella jumping in

max puppy
max older
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boo boo

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gus duck
lindsey 5
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IMG 0271
IMG 0275Ringo jumping in water
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boyscout demo
CHRISTIAN WATERFOWL    At Gunnerbrae, we also give Gun Dog Demonstrations, and have given demos for the Christian Waterfowl Association, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Arkansas Parks and Rec Association.  We also appear on Spirit of the Outdoors Radio program four times a year to discuss Gun Dog Training.
Boy Scouts of America



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    At Gunnerbrae Kennels we feed only Purina Pro Plan.
purina pro plan                     
Training dog 2

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